Compensation Analysis

Are your wages competitive?-   We provide market surveys 

Do your salary grades and ranges make sense for your company?-- We can develop a system that provides room for growth and incentive for career development 

Do your employees understand why and how they are paid? --We can provide a compensation philosophy that your employees understand and appreciate. 

An example of our compensation work: 

Challenge : Hiring new employees was becoming increasingly difficult as the current grade and range structure had not been updated for many years. The need to hire new employees at rates higher than some of the most senior employees was causing conflict throughout the organization. 

Remedy: upgrade the job descriptions to accommodate new tasks and duties , restructure the grades and salary ranges and communicate the plan across the organization. Write a new policy for compensation to prevent the deterioration of the system in future years.

  • job analysis and documentation for a 600 employee hospital
  • re-structure of the grades and ranges
  • new job descriptions
  • compensation philosophy
  • communication plan to disseminate the information
Employee Relations

Offering mediators trained and experienced in dealing with workplace conflict with a business approach that is time sensitive to your needs.

  • Resolving departmental conflict
  • Resolving conflict between manager and employee
  • Providing a path to allow those who may need to move on leave with dignity and a vision for their own future
Performance Management Systems

Increase your bottom line through the implementation of performance management systems that matter-

  • Progressive discipline- coaching and correcting without punishment
  • Communication
  • Supervisory training
  • Coaching and correcting
An example of our work on customized Performance Management Systems: 

It was discovered through an employee satisfaction survey that over 89% of employees felt that the annual evaluation process was meaningless and that the cost of living increase received was not appreciated. Employees voiced loudly that they would like to be compensated based on performance whether it was an individual or team . 

Remedy : A new tool was introduced that offered the means to evaluate each employee or team based on the objective requirements of the job listed in the description and the employee's adherence to the company philosophy and mission. This tool was quantifiable and scores were then related to a matrix that allowed the employees to receive an appropriate increase in compensation based on seniority and performance. The system also flagged poor performers in need of development.
Employment Law

Legally defensive employee handbooks, workplace policy and procedure. 

The acronyms are plentiful in the employment law arena: FLSA, FMLA, ADA, ERISA, OSHA, EEO USERRA and more...., some state specific, some industry specific. 

Ensign Consulting provides the expertise you need to write and implement workplace policy and procedure that is clear and understandable for all your managers and employees. 

Prevention is always a best practice, prevent problems with clear and legal policy and procedure.

Best Practices in Hiring

Behavioral Interviewing techniques that will bring you new hires that are a good fit for your organization. 

Ensign Consulting brings you extensive experience in the area of interviewing and hiring. New Hire Orientations, On-boarding programs and retention models.

TIP :   Look to retention as soon as you hire and re-recruit your current employees every year! 


The search, initial screening, behavioral interviewing, background checks and references with a full report for your file

Recruiting nurses in a job market demonstrating a shortage of nurses

*Advanced matching :   matching professionals with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to the right job in your organization

Lower turnover cost occurs with advanced matching


Conflict resolution, certified in mediating workplace conflict

On-the-spot reward systems that motivate on a daily basis

Management and supervisory trainings- prevent problems

Design evaluation process and procedure to ensure employee success












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